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We believe true wellbeing is found, when you embody your whole self. Our multi-faceted approach to wellbeing honours the profound interconnection within, knowing that each act of self care impacts our whole being. The MYA Method explores this through four pillars of wellbeing – mind, body, beauty and spirit – which provide the foundation for you to step into your authenticity.


The mind houses imagination, memory, will and sensation. Through our practices, we rewire the subconscious to manifest a powerful mindset.


The body is a precious vessel. Through our practices, we work to strengthen and empower your physical being.


Beauty radiates from honouring your true self. Nurture and return to your inner essence through our self-care practices.


Deep healing and wisdom exist beyond the physical being. Through our practices, we cultivate oneness, for a life of purpose + meaning.

Meet the Founders

With a deep passion for health and wellbeing, mother and daughter team, Debbie and Natasha Voudouris, take you on a transformative journey of self-discovery in mind and body. MYA Wellbeing is an extension of their personal practice and long-standing vision to bring self-care, meditation and movement to the community in an immersive, beautiful and uplifting way.

MYA is a pure reflection of Natasha and Debbie’s learnings and background. Natasha’s training as a Yoga & Pilates teacher sparked a self-created practice of growth and healing. While Debbie’s expertise in personal development, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Theta Healing and Meditation informed her holistic approach to wellbeing. Together, their mission is to inspire a more mindful way of being.

“My goal for each class is to guide you to move in a way that feels good, to help you create a body that you love and develop a stronger relationship with yourself.”

Natasha, co-founder

“Meditation is the gateway to positive change in your life and allows you to live in a more mindful, authentic and connected way.”

Debbie, co-founder

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We’re a wellbeing destination empowering you to nourish your body and mind through movement and meditation. Join our classes and programs to experience a transformative change in all parts of you; mind, body, beauty and spirit.


Move mindfully with our signature Pilates, yoga & fusion classes, for a stronger, more confident you.

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Find stillness and uplift your mindset with powerful meditations that support your day.

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Go deeper with our transformative programs, which will guide you to achieve your wellbeing goals.

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