Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) | MYA Wellbeing
  • General
    • What are your Membership offerings?

      We currently offer two membership options:

      • Monthly Membership ($29 /month, billed monthly. Founding Member Pricing)
      • Annual Membership (Founding Member $20/month, billed annually. Founding Member Pricing)
    • What does the Membership include?

      The Membership includes access to the MYA Wellbeing platform and all classes including:

      Movement Classes –  Fusion, Pilates, Yoga and Stretch classes

      Meditation Classes – Daily practices, Calm and Sleep meditations

      New classes released fortnightly

      Access to MYA Essential Programs, including Your Weekly Practice wellbeing plan

    • How do I access the classes?

      Currently you can access the classes on our website (desktop and mobile compatible)

      All classes are available to watch on-demand whenever you like, they are not live streamed.

    • Is MYA available in my country?

      MYA is available worldwide. Our platform is accessible online and we accept all major credit card and support the following currencies – USD, AUD, GBP and Euro.

      Currently all classes are spoken in English.

  • Account & billing
    • How do I sign up for a 7 day free trial?

      Follow the below steps to sign up for a 7 day free trial:

      1. Go to
      2. Select the membership type that you would like, if you choose to continue your membership after the 7 day trial. Don’t worry you won’t be charged until the trial is over.
      3. Create your account
      4. Enter your payment information and click ‘Start Free Trial’

      Your free trial will begin straight away and you’re trial end date will be clearly stated at checkout. If you do not wish to continue your membership past the 7 day free trial please be sure to cancel before the trial end date or you will be automatically charged for a membership once the trial is over.

    • How do I cancel my membership?

      You can cancel your MYA membership at any time, we’ll be sad to see you go but we’re always here if you want rejoin in the future. Follow the below steps to cancel your membership:

      1. Log into your account at
      2. Go to the ‘Account’ menu and select ‘Subscription & Billing’
      3. Select ‘Cancel My Membership’

      After cancelling your subscription, you will be able to access MYA for the remainder of your billing cycle you have paid for. Cancelling your membership will not provide a refund.

    • Can I pause my membership?

      Yes, if you’re on a Monthly membership and need to take a break for any reason, you can pause your membership for 30, 60,or 90 days. Your membership payments will automatically recommence after the pause period ends. You are able to pause your membership once every 12 months.

      If you have an annual membership, unfortunately you cannot pause an active membership or be partially reimbursed for the remaining months.

    • Can I get a refund?

      Unfortunately we cannot offer refunds at this time. However you can cancel your membership at any time and you will have access to MYA until your next billing cycle date.

      We send you an email the day before your free trial period ends to remind you that you will be charged soon, so you can cancel if you wish to.

    • What currency will I be billed in?

      Our platform supports multiple currencies including USD, AUD, GBP and Euro.

      You will be billed in your local currency if you are located in Australia, United States, United Kingdom or Europe. If you are located outside of these zones, you will be billed in USD.  If you are located in New Zealand you will be billed in AUD.

  • MYA Method
    • What is the MYA Method?

      The MYA Method is a holistic approach to wellbeing that addresses your whole self through our 4 pillars of of wellbeing: Mind, Body, Beauty and Spirit.

      The MYA Method recognises the benefits of combining multiple styles of movement, meditation and self development to improve your overall wellbeing.

      We believe there is a profound interconnection between your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self. Each MYA practice has the power to positively impact your whole being.

    • What are the 4 pillars of wellbeing?

      The 4 pillars of wellbeing are: Mind, Body, Beauty and Spirit.

      Mind: The mind houses imagination, memory, will and sensation. Through our practices, we rewire the subconscious to manifest a powerful mindset.

      Body: The body is a precious vessel. Through our practices, we work to strengthen and empower your physical being.

      Beauty: Beauty radiates from honouring your true self. Nurture and return to your inner essence through our self-care practices.

      Spirit: Deep healing and wisdom exist beyond the physical being. Through our practices, we cultivate oneness, for a life of purpose + meaning.

    • How do I know that the MYA Method is right for me?

      If you want to live your life from a space of health, happiness and purpose, the MYA method is right you.

      Our method supports you to improve your overall wellbeing in multiple areas of your life, from improving the strength and health of your physical body through movement, as well as improve your relationship to your inner self through meditation and self development.

      Our method can be described as a ‘way of being’ rather than a short term fix. We believe in our movement and meditations modalities as a lifelong practice of exploration and growth.