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Our movement method is holistic. Our classes sculpt, tone and lengthen the body while cultivating a more mindful and confident you – for results you can see and feel, inside and out.
Daily practices for a  strong body & a calm mind
Daily practices for a  strong body & a calm mind
Daily practices for a  strong body & a calm mind
Daily practices for a  strong body & a calm mind

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signature styles


Our signature style that blends yoga and Pilates, with meditation and breathwork, bringing harmony to your body and mind.


Mindful Pilates practices that work deep into the muscles to align, tone and lengthen your body through slow controlled movements.


Immersive yoga practices designed to meet you where you're at in your practice, creating space, flexibility and strength within your body.


Calming stretch practices that enhance flexibility and release tension in your body and mind, through long holds and mindful breathing.

A pace for everybody
class types

These powerful classes allow you to explore and transform your body, while nourishing your relationship to yourself.

  • MYA4



    • Mindfulness
    • Powerful
    • Multi-functional

    Our signature MYA4 classes combine the benefits of Pilates and yoga for a strong sculpted body, with meditation and gentle breathwork – creating space for you to move throughout your day with intention. This is a holistic practice designed around our four pillars of wellbeing – mind, body, beauty and spirit. A powerful ritual, for your whole self, all in one class.

    MYA4 favourites

  • Foundations



    • Slow
    • Technique
    • Tone

    Our Foundations classes are a slow, mindful pilates class for the full body. Perfect for beginners, or for days when you feel like moving at a calm pace, these classes focus on technique and alignment to build the foundation of your practice. Move slowly, feel connected to your body, while getting results you can see and feel.

    Foundations favourites

  • Energise



    • Sweat
    • Uplevel
    • Sculpt

    Our Energise classes are designed for toning and mind-body connection. These high energy pilates flows are designed to give you an endorphins hit while sculpting, lengthening and balancing the body. Ideal for days when you want to break a sweat, our Energise classes will focus your mind in the present, while building strength in your body.

    Energise favourites

  • Shape



    • Target
    • Focus
    • Sculpt

    Our Shape classes use precise pilates movements to sculpt and give special attention to key focus areas of the body: core, glutes, arms and more. Perfect for a short effective practice, these classes allow you to hone in on toning, to leave you feeling empowered and confident.

    Shape favourites

  • Flow



    • Release
    • Stretch
    • Surrender

    Our Flow classes are designed for body and mind renewal, with a satisfying and rhythmic yoga flow. These classes create space, strength and flexibility within your body, with practices to suit all experience levels. Perfect for uplifting your mood, each Flow class will get you out of your head and into your body, leaving you feeling grounded and uplifted.

    Flow favourites

  • Restore



    • Release
    • Stretch
    • Surrender

    Our Restore Classes are a nourishing self-care practice that release tension and shift you into a place of calm. Stretch and soften your muscles through long holds, mindful breathing and an intention to let it all go. Embrace these classes as a weekly ritual or before bed, to restore balance to your body and mind.

  • Pre & Postnatal

    Pre & Postnatal


    • Strength
    • Protect
    • Nourish

    Our Pre & Postnatal classes support your journey from bump to baby through strengthening and nourishing Pilates and yoga practices. These safe and dynamic classes support you every step of the way, to build strength and support all the changes in the body during pregnancy – while our post-natal classes restore your core & pelvic floor and help you ease gently back into movement.

    Pre & Postnatal favourites

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