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Meditation is the foundation of our method. It is the tool that supports you to embody your whole self to bring calm, happiness and fulfilment across all areas of your life.
Daily practices to connect to your  best self
Daily practices to connect to your  best self
Daily practices to connect to your  best self
Daily practices to connect to your  best self

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meditation styles

Guided Meditation

Let us guide you through gentle meditations for relaxation and nervous system support. A nourishing practice, for all experience levels.

Deep Visualisation

Go deeper to rewire your subconscious mind using visualisation & neuroplasticity techniques, to create change in your life.


Be in the present moment through stillness and mindful awareness. Focus your mind to boost clarity and reduce stress and anxiety.


Find calm effortlessly using the power of mantra, a practice of repeating a word or phrase. For new and experienced meditators.

class types
class types

These meditations have been created as a toolkit to support your day. Explore, repeat and expand your mindset to experience profound change.

  • Daily Practices

    Daily Practices

    Guided Meditation Deep Visualisation

    • Clarity
    • Set intentions
    • Align

    Our Daily Practices are designed to keep you centred and aligned throughout your day. These meditations will form part of your daily ritual, connecting you with your deeper purpose and authenticity, reinforcing new neural pathways and keeping you grounded, so that you can live each day with intention.

    Daily Practices favourites

  • Calm


    Mindfulness Mantra

    • Observe
    • Calm
    • Let go

    Our Calm meditations allow you to find stillness and experience deep relaxation. You’ll learn to meditate effortlessly using mindfulness and mantra-based practices. Feel lighter, more positive and grounded as you let go of any stress and negative thoughts. By calming the mind, you’ll bring a deeper sense of peace and clarity to your day.

    Calm favourites

  • Sleep


    Guided Meditation Mindfulness

    • Drift
    • Rest
    • Integrate

    Our Sleep meditations will guide you into a deeply relaxed state, to prepare the body and mind for rest. In these meditations we calm the nervous system, to help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. These bedtime rituals will allow you to release stress, quieten your mind, for a nourishing sleep that will inspire a more fulfilling day ahead.

    Sleep favourites

Set your intention

Set your intention with our easy-to-use filtering system, designed to help you discover meditations to meet you where you’re at mentally, emotionally and spiritually.



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