3 Week Beginner Movement Program | MYA Wellbeing
The 3 Week Beginner Movement Program is designed to gently introduce you to our holistic approach to movement. An ideal starting point to your journey with MYA, or for beginners to mindful movement, this program will help you navigate a sequence of classes to build foundational strength in your body.

What’s included

This program will nourish your mind and body with Pilates, yoga and mindful stretch classes, shaping the pathway for you to feel your most confident self.

  • Week 1 Feel Good

    To program starts with an emphasis on feeling good on the mat, with mindful classes with easy to follow movements, that will start to build your mind-body connection.

    • Become familiar with MYA method, movement styles and teachers' cues.
    • Learn breathing, alignment and core connection techniques.
    • Week one has a pilates focus.
    • Unwind with an evening stretch and meditation.
  • Week 2 Foundations

    The second week focused on building foundation strength in your body, with classes to target your core and glutes, plus create stability through yoga.

    • Build strength in key target areas that support your body; core and glutes.
    • Explore foundational yoga postures.
    • Build upon breathing, alignment and core connection techniques.
    • Finish the week with a restorative full body stretch.
  • Week 3 Find Your Flow

    The final week of the program has an emphasis on enjoying your body, to explore more creative pilates and yoga flows with confidence.

    • Develop your confidence to move with flow, while sculpting and toning your body.
    • Expand upon breathing, alignment and core connection techniques.
    • Complete the program with a restorative yin practice.
    • After week 3, you may choose to follow Your Weekly Practice plans.

This program includes

8 Pilates Classes

3 Yoga Classes

3 Stretch Classes

Walking & Rest Days

The benefits

  • Deepen your relationship with yourself, through mindful movement.
  • Learn foundational elements of the MYA method.
  • Build strength by cross-training across multiple movement styles.
  • Feel confident in your body & ready to explore more dynamic classes.

Estimated Completed Time

This program is designed to be completed in three weeks, or can be completed at your own pace. Each week includes Restore classes and dedicated days for rest.

As each class is designed to be completed in a sequential order, no matter if you check in daily or three times a week – your program is the compass that brings you back to your pathway.

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