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Welcome to the Strong Body Calm Mind Retreat, your self-care escape to kickstart 2024 as your most empowered self. Starting on 1st January 2024, this 21 day online retreat will unlock the true power of your mind-body connection with a powerful sequence of pilates, yoga and meditation classes with MYA’s expert teachers Gabie, Roxanne and Natasha.

What’s included

This 21 day virtual retreat will transform your mind and body with daily 30 minute pilates and yoga classes, meditation and journal practices to form a stronger and calmer you in 2024.

  • This retreat is for you, if you are:

    • Struggling with consistency and want to create new empowering habits.
    • Burnt out after a stressful end of year and want to prioritise your self-care.
    • Seeking mind-body balance to start the year with a calm mindset, while mindfully transforming your body.
    • Regularly practising pilates or yoga, but are feeling uninspired and want to elevate your practice.
    • Wanting to escape the pressure of the new year and set meaningful intentions for yourself.
  • Week 1 Activate Body + Mind

    Get ready to set your intentions and activate new dimensions in your body during Week 1. You’ll master our foundation yoga sequence for the retreat, and awaken key muscle groups with Pilates. You’ll also start to create a new mindset, deciding what to bring in and let go of, with focused journaling and meditations that will nourish your nervous system.

    • Master the Foundation yoga and pilates classes that you’ll build upon in coming weeks.
    • Set your personal intention for the retreat.
    • Strengthen the relationship between mind and body, so you can be, think and act as your highest self.
  • Week 2 Building Strength

    Week two is where we dive deeper. During this week you’ll level up your pilates and yoga sequences to enhance your strength, refine your posture and tone your core, glutes and upper body. Balance it all out with a slow stretch flow, and calming meditations that bring you back to an elevated mindset.

    • Progress and challenge yourself with Pilates and Yoga.
    • Build core, glutes and upper body strength.
    • Return to your natural baseline of calm by supporting your nervous system regular meditation.
    • Sleep peacefully with MYA Sleep Meditations.
  • Week 3 Move with Flow

    Week 3 is where the magic happens, as you start to move with flow, elegance, and power. It's time to elevate your pace, break a sweat, and achieve a radiant all-over glow. By now, you'll be brimming with confidence, noticing a transformation in both body and mind.

    • Master a faster-pace vinyasa style yoga sequence.
    • Increase your fitness with a Pilates Cardio Flow.
    • Learn the fundamentals of mantra meditation to supercharge your meditation.

This program includes





The benefits

  • Build strength, flexibility and muscle tone by cross-training across both pilates and yoga.
  • Form positive new habits of regular exercise.
  • Unlock the power of your mind-body connection to improve your overall wellbeing.
  • Feel the difference with a regular meditation practice: uplifted mood, inner confidence and clarity of mind.
  • Nourish your nervous system back to it's natural baseline of calm.
  • Uplevel your pilates and yoga practice.

Estimated Completed Time

This program is designed to be completed in 3 weeks, or at your own pace.

Equipment: All classes can be completed without equipment, however we do suggest a few props to help you on your journey. We suggest the below:

+ 2 yoga blocks

+ Ankle weights (0.5 kg / 1 lb, or advanced 1kg / 2 lb)

+ Stretching Strap

Alternatives include books instead of yoga blocks, or a belt/sarong instead of a strap.


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