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Your Weekly Practice is a holistic wellbeing plan that includes movement and meditation classes, for a balanced and fulfilling week. Updated every Sunday and delivered directly to your inbox, each week has an intentional mix of strength & sculpt, mindful stretching and transformative meditations – for results you can see in your body, and feel in your relationship to yourself.

What’s included

Your Weekly Practice is your evolving roadmap to movement and meditation every week. Curated with care, each weekly plan is designed for balance and progression, at an intermediate level, for your whole self.

  • Your Weekly Practice Wellbeing Plan

    Updated every Sunday, Your Weekly Practice is a 7-day wellbeing plan of movement and meditation that is carefully curated by our teachers. Each week will nourish and challenge your body, and also improve your mental health as you develop a regular meditation practice.

    • Experience new classes released to the platform.
    • Commit to four key 20-40 minute movement sessions each week, complimented by meditation & stretching.
    • Challenge yourself, or find calm, with flexibility to swap days depending on what you need.
    • Experience all MYA Method class types: Pilates, yoga, fusion, meditation, stretch & more.
    • Find balance with walking & rest days.
    • Reinforce a powerful mindset with a consistent meditation practice.

Your weekly practice program includes






The benefits

  • Stay on track with a balanced, carefully curated plan.
  • Challenge your body by cross-training across multiple movement styles.
  • Experience mental health benefits of a consistent meditation practice.
  • Increase your self worth and trust in yourself.
  • Connect with a global community who follow this program each week.

Included in your membership

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